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A Contemporary Self-Portrait of the Internet Artist
A Contemporary Portrait of the Internet Artist
In Times Of Peace
The life of a drone after war and terror
A contest for the most valueless video on YouTube
A Crowded Apocalypse
Drawing on crowdsourcing to hijack the collective imagination
Game Arthritis
A systemic study of video games induced diseases
Sunflower Seeds On Sunflower Seeds
What you see is not what you see, and what you see is not what it means
Spinning The Planet
That day when planet Earth was pushed closer to the future
In The Long Run
The future is a reconstruction
Surfing With Alexander Brener
Scrawl on Google Art Project
This brand new smart drug satisfies everyone
Villains, superheroes or just another mass hallucination? The first real-time mockumentary
A new low cost product for Do-It-Yourself justice
Traditional tastes with a reinvented shape. Have a lunch break on steroids.
Empathy Box
What happens when religions try to appeal to new generations?
Yes We Spam!
How we got into trouble with the Italian Democratic Party
Win Nothing Day
Yet anoher day lost at the supermarket... an international contest organized by yours truly
What's the keyword of the future?
Adopt a third world dog
A pet adoption society from Third World countries. Racism or charity? Real or fake?